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Jewish Cultural Month 2016 

March 15 – April 15

    Jewish Cultural Month - Poster

Jewish Cultural Month 2016 March 15 – April 15 Through fascinating speakers, moving presentations, and thoughtful dialogue, Jewish Cultural Month educates and engages both Jews and non-Jews about a complex and beautiful religion and people. This year's Jewish Cultural Month theme is "Knowing Our Roots."


Diversity Peer Education Program


Diversity Peer Education Program March 26-27 Click on the image to view a larger version

Training date: Saturday, March 26 – Sunday, March 27 

Applications due: March 20 

Student application

Student nomination


Did you know that IEC is an advocacy office?

As a unit within the Dean of Students, we embrace the values of student empowerment, helping students recognize and achieve their aspirations, and compassionate student advocacy. That means that folks can report injustice to our office, you could consider us consultants in your work, and we aim to be partners in addressing the specific needs of underrepresented groups on our campus.